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Makrogen Tohumculuk
MAKROGEN 29 years of experience

The seed is the ambition of the soil.

Makrogen Seeds are proud of supplying most fertile seed and best services available in sector with it’s experienced staffs and modern facilities.
The seeds are indispensable for the future of mankind. The seeds breathe like all other creature and  human.

The soil’s ambition to seed is a priority for Makrogen. The soil feels longing for genetically and physically superior seeds. Makrogen Seeds efforts not to make concession to the mentality of quality and productivity for the seeds which is produced for both domestic and foreign market in Makrogen facilities. Makrogen has been maintaining it’s efforts to meet consumer satisfaction by doing R&D activities oriented constant development and reformation.

Makrogen seeds regards it’s costumer as a partner. Makrogen hope to see you also as a partner in the business of the open field vegetable, forage and fiel...

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